A Lifetime Solution

A Lifetime Solution

Stonwool Benefits


Nothing lasts like solid rock. That’s why stone wool insulation won’t shrink, it won’t move and it won’t crumble. In fact, ROCKWOOL insulation is so durable, it will maintain its performance for the lifetime of a building.

Durable performance

All our stone wool insulation products are made from volcanic rock, making it naturally and dimensionally stable. The unique physical structure of stone wool keeps its shape, making the products able to perform continuously and unchanged decade after decade.

Our stone wool insulation can also be used to create products that withstand sustained or heavy loads. Millions of square meters of concrete floors have been laid on top of ROCKWOOL insulation all over the world, with no evidence of long term creeping.

Improving thermal performance

Due to tiny pockets of air trapped within the physical structure, ROCKWOOL stone wool products possess excellent thermal properties. Installing the right insulation products will reduce the need for heating in the winter and it will help maintain a cool interior in the summer, allowing you to reduce your energy spending considerably. Combined with its lifelong durability, this makes ROCKWOOL insulation a very cost-effective and sustainable choice. Learn more about the additional benefits of choosing stone wool here.

New builds and refurbishments ROCKWOOL insulation is not just for new builds. An effective way to improve the thermal performance of existing buildings is to add insulated external render systems to an existing building. This causes minimal disruption to occupants and will cut fuel bills year after year.